Gig Review: Regan Lynch Does It In Public

Written for 4ZZZ Reviews, published 13 May 2017.

An electric guitar, a chord of coded hankies, a quick dose of PrEP, and…what could be mistaken for Eric Abetz’s actual face.

‘Regan Lynch Does It In Public’ is the comedic queercore burlesque number Brisbane was dying to have inside her. Between the punk­ red tartan kilt, the wrestler’s leotard, and the bare­ naked booty, Regan Lynch’s costume choices pay homage to a hard history of queer fetishism and sexual rebellion. The set­up, too, is as charmingly cheap as the producer, with a couple of couches pulled up to face a mic stand and a red spotlight at the back of Betty’s Espresso. There’s even a new cocktail on the menu: a tart­y little treat known as ‘The Jolly Rimjob’.

But the production isn’t all fun and games. Lynch drops his latest tune, a hauntingly ­beautiful piece titled ‘Grimm’, with a pill­-blue ukelele before shaking out his nightly dose of PrEP from its F­-hole. ‘It’s about my sex life’, Lynch says, ‘and even broadly about queer sexual cultures.’ But there’s more to it than that: Lynch’s ‘Grimm’ is about the spread of HIV, the stigma surrounding its prevention, and the limited availability of information on healthy sexual practice. At the very least, Lynch hits his audience with a twinge of concern before laughing it off with a hilarious lesson on positive sexual health that involves a capsicum, a butternut pumpkin, and a very dirty potato.

To top it off, Sunday’s show was held as a benefit night for Open Doors Youth Service Inc, with all Lynch’s ticket sales going towards their Jellybeans Program. We invite you to listen to Lynch’s interview with 4ZZZ’s Queer Radio on April 26 to hear them play ‘Grimm’ live in Studio 2,­radio (13:30), and to drop by their Anywhere Theatre Festival page to purchase yourself a ticket before they finish up on May 20.

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