Q!C Hits WordPress

Good morning, Brisbane City.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally getting on to developing those important digital skills like WordPress, video editing, and sound editing… which I said I’d do years ago. Queer!Content has always been a developmental project (on top of all the other things it’s been), and I look forward to having you follow me on this journey. It’s super important to remember that we’ll always be learning together and that we’ll get things wrong, so if I’ve done something wrong or if there’s something I can do better you’ve got to let me know.

So welcome to the WordPress. Finally. Here I’ll be experimenting with more formal media development processes like writing extended opinion pieces, reviewing media, podcasting, and generally building a portfolio of work to solidify my status as Super Queer Media Expert. Those who know me well tell me I have all this valuable knowledge, so this WordPress will be about developing that knowledge into more accessible assets and sharable content. Obviously I want to have fun, too, and again I don’t want to be talking to a screen all the time so message me your opinions on topics.

In the next week I’ll be focusing on the aesthetic assets, developing content for the About section, and making sure my social media reflects what’s happening here. That’s a lot of work, so I’m going to leave now and get that done.

Until next time, bless yer sweet hearts.
– Wolfram-J VK

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