Pink Flamingos

Oh hey, friend.

So tonight I introduced a very old and dear friend of mine to John Waters through the test of Pink Flamingos (1972). After seeing this baby a bazillion times there are still parts that shock and repulse me, so it’s the perfect movie to temper people for the worst of Waters. And yet… my friend loved it! They laughed through the whole movie, and once it was done their main response was ‘why have I never heard of this movie!?’

A: (Because too many modern queers are raging shitlords who don’t care for things that aren’t bottle fed to them through social media or 100% what they’re already into.)

Brisbane is no backwater country town after all, and John Waters himself has been here at least three times in the last decade. And it’s not like it wasn’t the same struggle explaining who John Cameron Mitchell was while he was in town a few weeks ago, and who Perfume Genius was when they came here back in March. It burns me up that so much of our culture remains a mystery to modern queers…

A: (Like the opinion I have here is that we as queer consumers are the problem with how we’re represented in media today, but I’ll have plenty of posts that discuss that coming up.)

Of course, their loss is the cultured queen’s gain. There is nothing in this world more satisfying for us than to introduce someone to something they love and listen to that first reaction spill directly from their brains. Meanwhile, a man at the traffic light helped me get my nerd fix as we ignored our companions and talked about John Waters – specifically the movies our companions will have to see next: Desperate Living (1977), the original Hairspray (1988), and (my fav) Serial Mom (1994).

So thank you to John Waters for making tonight a magical night out. Pink Flamingos was screened at Metro Arts Theatre courtesy of bestboi Kristian Fletcher, Brisbane’s very own cult classic expert. Also in the crowd was Louis Forster, frontman of The Goon Sax (who opened for Perfume Genius in March and whose second album comes out in September). Try not to stare.

Be well and thank you for reading.

– Wolfram-J VK

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