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Look. By now you should have realised that this segment is more a wank over things I love than a detailed coverage of what’s on in Brisbane. If you’re not going out to get yourself a free copy of QNews, or at least heading to the website to read it there (also free), then you’ve only got yourself to blame for not knowing what’s on. And if you’re organising your own event and wondering why it’s not in QCalendar, it’s likely that a) you haven’t contacted me, and b) I can’t read minds.

Now that’s all said, welcome to the third instillment of Here and Queer. I’d like to thank those of you who’ve offered me feedback on the side and who’ve been sending me event invites to make my job easier. You are literally giving me life. Special thanks to Solar Flair and Bebe Gunn from the drag community for letting me into their gigs, and to the bosses at QNews for being so cool about what we’re doing here. It looks like I’ll be writing reviews soon, so I cannot emphasise enough how grateful I am for the feedback you’ve all been sending in every week.

The next few weeks are going to be super hectic with Brisbane Writers Festival and Brisbane Festival both kicking off as assessments start to pile up. Having said that, it’ll be a good time to catch me in-person around BWF if you want to have a chat. Bring me coffee? I’ll do my best to keep up the posts, but I can’t make any promises.

Right. Let’s get to the good stuff.

Milk Teeth w/ Rae White @ Judith Wright Centre
August 25, 6pm

Rae White.png

There wasn’t a QCalender feature on this badboi because I’m cautious about ‘conflict of interest’. Rae is a friend of mine, and we’ve contributed to each other’s projects over the years and tabled at markets together. Yet here I have the freedom to tell you how friggin’ excited I am to see this enbie friend get their collection of poetry published. so I will.

Rae White will be at the Judith Wright for Queensland Poetry Festival – both to launch their poetry collection, Milk Teeth, but also to accept their award for winning the Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize. Milk Teeth explores the prescriptiveness of the queer community and feeling like an outsider in these spaces for one’s incapacity to perform for people’s expectations. As a more contemporary poet, you can expect their language to be both accessible and modern.

Please check it out. Perhaps on your way to see…

BQFF: The Reeducation of Cameron Post @ New Farm Cinemas
August 25, 7pm

Reeducation of Cameron Post.png

Have an opinion on which gay conversion therapy movie out now is better? Well you know where to find us if you need to get that out. Join us at New Farm Cinemas for this Brisbane Queer Film Festival prescreening of The Miseducation of Cameron Post: a coming-of-age film by award-winning director Desiree Akhavana, based on Emily M Danforth’s YA novel of the same name. Visit the BQFF website to get yourself a ticket before they all sell out.

Shannon King, that fabulous bae who runs Brisbane Queer Film Festival, got me on Cameron Post’s bandwagon. While not 100% happy with either movie, we both agree that a narrative on this sensitive issue must must must be handled by people within our own community. When it comes to rival mainstream film Boy Erased you don’t have that, and to make us old queers even more sassy it seems to have flown into cinemas while Cameron Post has had to wait foreeever (like we literally knew about this movie over a year ago).

Obviously don’t take our opinions to heart. Go see both! Go love both. You do you.

Wear It Purple Day @ Queens Park
August 31

Wear It Purple Day.png

Wear It Purple Day was once an occasion to remember queer friends and family members we’d lost to the fight and provide info on minimising self-harm. These days, as our rights begin to equalise and our worries become easier to manage, #WearItPurple has become cause to celebrate our achievements and perform community for our young folk. This year there’ll be humble celebrations on the Queens Park lawn with activities and food for people of all ages, so Wear It Purple and show the world that sticking it to Eric Abetz and Corey Bernardi never gets old.

So this event gained traction in about 2014, and by 2016 was prevalent enough to see a counter campaign, You’re Teaching Our Children What?, rise up from the far right to stamp it out. But its humble beginnings were in 2010, and unfortunately the marriage equality campaign was getting most of my attention back then. I’d always assumed this event was linked to Spirit Day, where we wear the LGBTIQ+ colour of spirit (purple) to acknowledge those we’d lost to the cause. I was partly right and partly wrong in that there aren’t strong ties but the intentions are the same. So there you go.

Thanks for reading.

You can read issues of QNews by clicking [here] and going wild, or by picking a copy up from various locations around Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast. As for this segment, you can expect updates on Thursdays, forgiving lapses. Feedback is always appreciated. If you’re organising or know of an event happening in Brisbane that would be appropriate to feature here or in QNews Magazine, please message me on whatever media platform feels right to you with details about the event.

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– Wolfram

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