Not a Rabbit

A solemn night in, wondering why I have to be so adrift in the world. Why nothing stable hangs around long enough for me to hold on to it. I’m always one step forward and three steps back. Why? Tonight a friend reached out to me for that same thing, a similar need and a similar story, and suddenly… I have worth. I am worthy. And yet… still adrift. Why?

This hasn’t turned into a book review blog. I’m still just a hot mess trying to make a connection with the outside world while developing my craft. I’ve been posting a lot of reviews because I’m reading a lot to get a grasp of ‘good writing’, and writing reviews in order to practice the process and sharpen my critical mind. This, of course, is to help me develop my first novel (which I’m five chapters into). I’m already working on my next few zines, too, so don’t think I’m just sitting around looking for ways to bore you.

But thank you for reading the reviews. Both of you.

Tonight (Wednesday) I’ll be discussing the queerness of Mean Girls with Phoebe from Here We Queer and Lysa from The Russo Test. Should be… interesting. On Saturday I’ll be selling zines with some pals at Laneways, which I don’t expect to be any more successful than last year. Then Sunday is 2019’s first Wendybird event. We have some beautiful new volunteers, so I’m looking forward to welcoming our latest Wendybird family members.

And this time next week I’ll be in Melbourne for Sticky Institute‘s Festival of the Photocopier (FotP). Yesterday I discovered I could no longer afford this trip, but since I can’t refund anything I’m going anyway. I’ll be hanging out with Katherine Back from Concrete Queers on the 7th for our Queer Pals – (un)socialites event. Then tabling at FotP on the 9th before co-hosting Queer Pals – ALGA Zine Tour with Nick Henderson from the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives on the 10th. Nick says he’s had a ton of new contributions in the last year with QueerZinefest at Midsumma and Gay Stuff Markets at Hares and Hyenas, so I’m keen af to throw myself into it.

And that’s a wrap! I feel like shit, but I hope you’re swell. Stay tuned as I document my Melbourne adventures in a series I’m calling ‘Six Nights in Brunswick’. I’m hoping to catch up with a ton of people I love to write about, so here’s hoping I don’t die the second I get down there (please clear my search history if I do).

Until next time, here’s a few gems from my tabs to keep you keen:
Still Here, Still Queer: The Rise (and Rise) of LGBTQ Zine Culture
– Adam Maidment
Inside the “Phallus Palace,” Charles Leslie’s Trove of Queer Art
– Julia Wolkoff
How an Underground Queer Zine Became the Best Blog in Opera
– Joshua Barone
How Zine Libraries Are Highlighting Marginalized Voices
– Rosie Knight

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