A State of Production

Hey, friends. It’s me. Ya boi.

It’s been three months since I last posted here, but I feel the lapse’s been good for both my creative process and mental health. My presence on social media took a necessary nosedive after 2018, but following my Instagram will still give you little glimpses into my life. Festival of the Photocopier was phenomenal, for example, and I didn’t get much rest before Brisbane Queer Film Festival took over. I loved and lost a beau, been ill for what feels like forever, and discovered an unprecedented thirst while researching queer servicemen in WWII Brisbane. I’ve continued consuming stories like I did in those first three months, but lapsed in blogging because I wanted to engage, experiment, and create new stories with others.

I’ll be blogging again for a few weeks in order to distance myself from writing projects, and I want to know what you want to hear. I’ve three posts set already, but I want to know if there’s something else or something specific about these ideas you’re keen for me to focus on. Alternatively, open a dialogue with me and we’ll see where it goes. Prompt me, henny.

  • I’m finishing the diary zine on my FotP trip, but I haven’t had a ton of time between classes and Work for the Dole. Poverty continues to be my best inspiration, and I’m super keen to share stories about my dinner with Jay Carmichael, meeting zine goddesses Alex Wrekk and Jamie McDougall, and sharing food in my shitty Airbnb with a fellow enbie guest. I can give y’all a preview if you want; otherwise, I’m mixing comic, text, and cut’n’paste here to keep you babies frothing.
  • BQFF proved another breathtaking festival season, but this year made it super clear that we consumers are the problem with queer media – a conversation I had too many times with too many people. I did meet a lovely, older gentleman named Jamie who made it hard to rant, however. He has an archive of paraphernalia on top of movies, books, and music, and knew soo much about Brisbane’s obscure queerness that I had to throw him some zines. I have a lot to say about how we failed queer media in 2018, so let me know if you want to hear that.
  • Heartstring is dieselpunk noir, MM romance, set in 1940s Brisbane as the country prepares for an atomic war. It started with me thirsting over photos of sailors on HMAS Diamantina (my Work for the Dole placement) before seeing inside the museum’s flagship Forceful. I used it as inspiration for a short story assessment piece (in the works), which I’ll eventually adapt into a novel. I found a ton of research material to support this otherwise farfetched narrative too – such as Yorick Smaal’s Sex, Soldiers, and the South Pacific; Peter Thompson’s The Battle of Brisbane; and Noel Langley’s There’s a Porpoise Close Behind Us for starters. I’ll post my research journal when it’s done, but I did a presentation on it already and would love to share it with you.
  • I’ll be seeing Andrew Sean Greer with my good friend Fletcher on Tuesday. They’ve recently published their first zine, titled GULP! Fiction, which I’m absolutely loving. It takes the creative micro-fiction approach of Concrete Queers, but opens it up to Brisbane’s wider, non-queer literary scene.

And that’s all, friends. Thanks for reading. I’ll be checking in on y’all over the next few weeks as I wait for season two of POSE to drop. If you like and/or comment on my posts, it will help remind me to say hello. Util then, be good to yourself.

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