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Wolfram | 31 | they/them | Brisbane, Australia

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I’m a Masters student studying Writing, Editing, and Publishing (WEP) at the University of Queensland, as well as a student partner with the Young & Emerging Publishers Network (YEP Australia). I’ve written for Queer Radio and 4ZZZ, FROOTY Magazine, and QNews Magazine. I also publish Queer!Content Comix & Zines: an indie publication with a focus on queer media and identity. I perform community by volunteering with The Wendybird, Brisbane Queer Film Festival, and Brisbane Writers Festival, and by facilitating workshops and events that introduce people to indie publishing.

2019 Appearances:

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Rather than pressing political views, Q!C explores how queer folk develop their own identities through interactions with media. It launched a decade ago as a blog promoting queer visibility and expression in pop culture. Ten years later, Q!C is an independent zine and comic publication that invites queer folk to share their responses to media and become producers of their own. As for its future, I plan to use Q!C to explore other mediums through a reoccurring art exhibition called Camp Creatures, a DnD play podcast called Broken Chains, and as a potential editorial section in larger magazines.


The READ ME Queer Zine Library:

This baby’s a labor of love: my private collection of queer indie comics and zines displayed in an old suitcase I decked out with shelves. It holds both domestic and international titles from queer creatives – many of which are now out of print. As an added bonus there’s me, ya boi, ready to receive folk and guide them to narratives that speak to them. You can request to see READ ME at your next event by stopping by the contact page and sending me a request.