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YEPCast: Three Queers Rambling

Heussler, Lianna. “Episode 5 – Fletcher And Wolfram – Three Queers Rambling (Mostly About Zines).” YEPCast, YEP Australia, 01 July 2019. Fletcher Quilty (GULP!) and I get on the YEPCast with Lianna Heussler to discuss zines as a gateway to indie publishing. We share insight into relationship-building within the zine community, Kim Wilkins’s theories of ‘sustained momentum’ and ‘writing resilience’,…

A State of Production

Hey, friends. It’s me. Ya boi. It’s been three months since I last posted here, but I feel the lapse’s been good for both my creative process and mental health. My presence on social media took a necessary nosedive after 2018, but following my Instagram will still give you little glimpses into my life. Festival of the Photocopier was phenomenal,…

Mean Girls

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