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Top Eight: Queer Comics

Thought I’d use my knowledge and thirst to pull together a list of queer comics I *loved* in 2019. It was a fantastic year for queer narratives after all – with comics like The Witch Boy, Iceman, and Check, Please! finding their way into mainstream distribution. I didn’t want 2019 to end without sharing some brilliant indie projects with you, reader. Plus, ya know, I’ve got to get my nerd on.

Sexuali-Tea: V for Vendetta (2005)

Lloyd, Lysa. “19: V For Vendetta (2005) [Wolfram].” Sexuali-Tea, Queer As Media. Brisbane, 06 December 2019. This week on Sexuali-Tea: Lysa and I get down and nerdy over the pre-transition Wachowski film V for Vendetta (2005), as well as the implications of reading V as a trans character. We picked this baby because it isn’t considered a queer film, yet…

Interview: Odyssey S

Written for Frooty Magazine, Issue #3, published 21 August 2019. Newcomer Odyssey S hit the Australian music scene last week with their debut single, Even When We Let It Go. At first glance, listeners are hit with a nostalgic episode of dream-like tracks reminiscent of Owl City, Flume, and Cub Sport before sliding into a heart-felt declaration of acceptance we’ll all…